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Digital images are emailed out immediately and can also be downloaded from our website. Normally I try to do a mail out of prints at least once a week, the day varies and sometimes I have to miss a week, but most of the time you'll get your photos within 2 weeks.

Yes. (events from 2015 onwards)  You can purchase a digital copy of a photo in web and magazine ad size.  A link to download this is emailed to you as soon as your payment is confirmed.  You can also log into your account and view and download all your photos.

As a bonus, for all prints you order a digital image is included at no extra cost.

The digital images we provide to you are suitable for websites, Facebook and most magazine ads.  The images are 900x600 pixels, this leads to a 3x2 inch image in a magazine (@ 300dpi)

If you're doing a larger ad or need a larger image contact us to discuss.


Email me, I check my email regularly at work so usually read your messages quickly. Usually I manage to get the photos to you for when you need them depending on post. But please try not to leave things to the last minute.  Digital images are emailed immediately, so if you only need an image for the web or a magazine ad, just place the order and you'll get the photo.

I am always interested in hearing your thoughts on this. The minimum size is 5x7, this will not change, but other larger sizes may be accommodated either as one offs or as a new size. Email me to discuss options.

Due to having a day job I don't respond to emails every day. I respond to my email messages at least weekly (unless I'm away) as this takes quite a lot of time. I do however tend to read my mail messages regularly so I will usually pick up on anything urgent, other than that, please be patient. I haven't forgotten you, I'm just quite busy.

I keep all photos on-line as long as possible, this depends on available disk space. Eventually I will have to take down old events, so don't leave your ordering too long. I will try to have at least one years worth on display.

Yes. You may sometimes see me take a photo and it isn't displayed. We edit all the photos and keep only the top quality images. I edit out about a third of photos on average, these are not up to my standards and aren't for sale or display and are thus deleted. If this means there are no photos of you, sorry, but maybe next time. I do not display really unflattering images or ones involving falls etc (unless requested by the competitor!) as I believe this to be in bad taste.

All our camera equipment is Canon.  We only use professional equipment to ensure we get the best photos.  Currently our main camera is a 1DMkIV with a 1DMkIII as backup.  Lenses range from macro through to a 400mm f2.8 lens, though mostly we use 70.200 f2.8 lenses allowing us to shoot in very low light conditions.

All our photographers use either Canon or Nikon professional or pro-sumer equipment again ensuring the highest quality photos.

Yes, most of the time. All the prints from 5x7's through to the 17x25's and canvas prints are done in-house. This allows me to maintain the highest quality as I can instantly reprint any prints if necessary. Prints up to 8x12's are made on dye sublimation printers, the same type found in labs and photo kiosks. The larger prints are made on a wide format 12 colour pigment based inkjet printer, the type typically found in graphic design departments. All of the printers use the latest technology and the prints are rated to last as long, if not longer than traditional silver halide prints (photos from film).

Again, due to time constraints from having a day job this takes some time. On average I take 1000+ photos and in extreme cases a lot more (Grand National Show 10000+). These take time to edit, then they have to be uploaded tot he website. There is quite a few hours work in doing this of my time, plus hours many hours to upload. I try to have an event up within a day or 2, but it has been know to take a week if life intervenes. Please be patient because they are coming. Emails asking when photos will be up won't be responded to.

No. I focus my photography around sports and specialise in horses. I will consider other types of sports and have shot dancing and motorsport. We have the appropriate equipment to cover almost anything. If in doubt, ask.

For smaller events I only display the photos online. However, for the large events I often provide an on-site service where you can view your photos from the day's event and order photos which are usually printed on the spot so you can take them home with you.

No. Though taking photos is great fun and brings in some money, I still need a day job to pay the bills. The photography is supposed to be a fun, relaxing break to my weeks. During the week I'm a IT Security Architect for a large national company, so it's nice to get away from the computers and office and out into the fresh air.

Yes we currently have one, though before we moved to Australia we had four. 

Maybe. If you have purchased the photo then feel free to scan it and use it online however you wish for non commercial usage only. However, you are not entitled to make extra prints. If you haven't purchased the photo then NO, this is a breach of copyright otherwise known as theft. If in doubt, email me and we can sort something out.

Contact me and we can discuss it. If you want to use a photo you've purchased to sell the subject of the photo (e.g. horse) then you're welcome to as long as this usage is for a personal ad. For any usage in a magazine/paper/etc in anything other than a personal ad (e.g. magazine article, business related ad, etc) contact me to arrange pricing.

Copyright of all images remains with Darren Moore Photography at all times unless directly specified in writing. Changes in copyright will only happen with full purchase of copyright of an image or usage rights for an image. So unless specified in writing images are copyright Darren Moore Photography and may not be copied, reproduced, etc.